Having a tradition of over forty years, the Slovene Ethnological Society (Slovensko etnološko društvo) is one of the most active professional societies in Slovenia. Its membership consists of approximately three hundred professionals, students, and friends of ethnology, anthropology, and related disciplines. The society regularly organizes ethnological evenings, round table discussions, and other social events. It publishes the Bulletin of the Slovene Ethnological Society (Glasnik SED) and monographs in the Bulletin of the Slovene Ethnological Society Library series. It recognizes deserving individuals or associations for their outstanding achievement in ethnology by bestowing on them the Murko Award, the Murko Special Recognition Award, and the Murko Certificate for Special Achievements in Ethnology. Anyone interested in ethnology and related disciplines can become a member of the Slovene Ethnological Society.

Why Should You Join the Slovene Ethnological Society?

  • It increases the social capital of its members, enables professional upgrading, and enriches social life of ethnologists.
  • It supports, links, and coordinates ethnological research and develops the methodology of ethnological work in different environments.
  • It encourages collection and classification of ethnological material and advocates the proper protection of ethnological monuments and cultural environment.
  • It coordinates research and professional work of ethnological institutions and individuals, and links its members with professional and other related institutions, both at home and abroad.
  • It popularizes and recognizes professional endeavors of Slovene ethnologists by publishing related publications and by organizing events such as Days of Ethnographic Film, conferences, discussions, round tables, and professional excursions.
  • It participates in public hearings on cultural heritage and other issues that address ethnology and cooperates with the Slovene National Commission for UNESCO and the Chamber of Culture of Slovenia.

Related Data and Contact:

Slovene Ethnological Society / Slovensko etnološko društvo Metelkova 2 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia info@sed-drustvo.si www.sed-drustvo.si

Registration Number: 5183723000 Tax Number: 63850699 IBAN: SI56 0208 3001 6028 646 SWIFT: LJBASI2X

Activities of the Slovene Ethnological Society are co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the Slovenian Research Agency, Slovene National Commission for UNESCO, and donors. Membership fees make it possible to organize various activities in Slovenia and abroad.

Slovene Ethnological Society has the status of a public interest society in the fields of culture and research.

Slovene Ethnological Society

  • Popularizes professional, research, and educational work in the field of cultural heritage and contemporary life.
  • Encourages ethnological research and offers expert advice.
  • Bestows professional recognition awards upon ethnologists and amateurs.
  • Organizes lectures, conferences, and round table discussions on topical issues in ethnology and related disciplines.
  • Organizes Days of Ethnographic Film with screenings of the current production of ethnographic films from around the world.
  • Includes university students (as well as children) in its various programs.
  • Offers expert advice to and cooperates with collectors of written and visual material and of narratives related to heritage and modern phenomena.
  • Organizes educational excursions, both in Slovenia and in the Slovene ethnic territory beyond the state borders, with expert guides.

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